Hangfire enqueues jobs very slow

We use Hangfire to schedule one big import task job. Files get copied and then for each fie the “master” job schedules many smaller subversion commit jobs.
Now the weird thing is, on our staging server (release build), the overall job runs very fast and the small check-in jobs are enqueued fast and processed fast. However, on our release server the small commit jobs run also fast, but are enqueued very slow. It is only processing a couple of jobs all 2-3 minutes, so the overall job takes hours to complete (compared to a few minutes on the staging server).

Check out the dashboard to see the weird queue times:

This runs on IIS 10 on a Windows Server 2016. Subversion server is on the same server as the webserver. There are no exceptions or errors during the processing. It is just super slow enqueuing of jobs. The CPU, nor the disk is busy during this time.

I have no idea where this behaviour is coming from. Any tipps where to start investigating?



Can you provide a sample of you startup class (without sensitive info)?

Have you tred adding logging to your hangfire instances?

What is your storage provider?

Hello @Marcus_Braun, I am also facing the same issue, Jobs are getting slow after sometime, Could you please provide any help to resolve this issue.