Problems scheduling HANGFIRE jobs

Hi Support,

We are using Hangfire 1.6.6 on Production processing jobs in web application and during our process of configuration to schedule the jobs everything works fine, we do some tests executing the job every five minutes and its works perfectly, but once I´ve logged off the server and pass 1-2 days then log in again and check the log history of job execution, it seems that something is killing or blocking the process and nothing is being executed. So the problem is that when I´m logged in on the server the hangfire scheduling/execution runs well but when I´m logged off stop working. Any idea what could be affecting the execution.

We are not getting any failed job, its just as if after we logoff of the windows server, the schedule job never makes it to the queue and therefore it doesnt start. When we logon again to the windows server, somehow the scheduled jobe gets to the queue and it starts again.

Image when I´m logged in and jobs are WORKING:

Image when I´m logged off and log in again to check the history executation of the jobs NOT WORKING:

I suppose that you host Hangfire in ASP.NET process in IIS. As stated in documentation Hangfire itself does not keep the process running, so IIS kills the process due to inactivity. You should enable alwaysOn for IIS for this process. More details are in docs