Hangfire jobs run successfully, but process nothing

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I am facing the exact same issue as this one

except, It is not all time.

Suppose, I am scheduling 20 scheduled (one time) jobs in hangfire, and the server count is 4.

All of the servers are active, has a heartbeat a few seconds ago.

From 20 jobs, at least 3 will enter processing state at the correct time, go to succeeded state with processing time in 1.2s - 2.5s. (Nothing will be executed)

I don’t think it is a code issue, as we have logs for everything (literally) and for those who has very less processing time, I do not see any logs.

I have logs from the starting of execution to the end.

And those 3 jobs will have the same server, which is different from what the other 17 used.

What I understand from this is, one of those 4 servers (any random one) is not executing tasks, but still go to the succeeded stage.