Performance Counters not showing any activity

I’m running two ASP.NET MVC Applications hosted through IIS. I configured Performance Counters per the documentation found here Documentation. I’m getting windows Performance Monitor to display the counters and i’m able to add them but they show no activity.

I have two apps on this server, and counters are showing up for both. ( See Above)

Counters show for both the IIS process and value I set in the web.config.


I have 5 Recurring Jobs on both apps successfully running.


Got this issue solved, needed to add the IIS App pool Identity user, to the Windows Performance Monitor users group.

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Hi, I shall be little late to the question, can you please share any elaboration as to how you added the user to the Windows Performance Monitor users group?

Let me share the details of my settings:

  1. Using IIS version 10 and Windows Server 2019
  2. My Application runs with the name BulkSMSAppNew with ApplicationPool with same name i.e BulkSMSAppNew and its Identity as ApplicationPoolIdentity
  3. The Anonymous Authentication for my Application Site is enabled and Anonymous User Identity is set to be Application Pool Identity
  4. I have added the IISAPPPool\BulkSMSAppNew to the Performance Monitoring Users group.

Let me know in case of any further information required. Any help would be greatly appreciated.