No active server found

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Hi everyone,
I have read the forum but I have not found an answer to my problem. I am using MVC5.
I have followed theese instructions:

So im my startup.cs file I have added the following code:

public partial class Startup
    public void ConfigureHangfire(IAppBuilder app)
        var sqlOptions = new SqlServerStorageOptions
            QueuePollInterval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)

            .UseSqlServerStorage("Accounts", sqlOptions)
            .UseFilter(new LogEmailFailureAttribute());


Then I call the method:

[assembly: OwinStartupAttribute(typeof(Intranet.Startup))]
namespace Intranet
    public partial class Startup
         public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)

No exception is raised.
Then I try to send an email in backgroud, but my background job never run. In my dashboard I can see the enqueued job but I do not see any active server.

I am using SQL Server.

Can anyone help me to understand why the server do not start?

Thank you


I was having this problem. SQL Server was reporting a login failure for the domain\machinename that Hangfire was on. It turns out I had to make sure that the IIS Application pool identity also had permission to use the database. We were using identity impersonation; so, I ended up changing the identity to the same user we were impersonating rather than the default ApplicationPoolIdentity. When I restarted the application pool, the server came right up.