No active servers after awake from idle

I’m using Hangfire 1.4.6, IIS 7.5 and Win server 2008R2. IIS setup:

  • one application pool with idle-time 180 min (3 hours)
  • application using hangfire runs in upper application pool
  • some other application also runs in upper application pool (mentioning this if it makes any difference)

After some time I see next hangfire log (in db):

EventDateTime	EventLevel	MachineName	LoggerName	UserName	EventMessage	ErrorSource	ErrorClass	ErrorMethod	ErrorMessage	InnerErrorMessage	StackTrace	ApplicationName
2015-12-01 13:47:07.147	Info	HOME1	Hangfire.BackgroundJobServer		Starting Hangfire Server							
2015-12-01 13:47:07.047	Info	HOME1	Hangfire.SqlServer.SqlServerStorage		Hangfire SQL objects installed.							
2015-12-01 13:47:06.913	Info	HOME1	Hangfire.SqlServer.SqlServerStorage		Start installing Hangfire SQL objects...							
2015-12-01 12:22:09.177	Info	HOME1	Hangfire.BackgroundJobServer		Hangfire Server stopped.							
2015-12-01 12:22:09.127	Info	HOME1	Hangfire.Server.ServerBootstrapper		Stopping server components							

When page is opened http://page/hangfire it opens it in a few seconds, in server tab it says:

There are no active servers. Background tasks will not be processed.

If I restart site in IIS then server appears again. What am I missing here?

I too have the same problem you have solved?