No active Servers on page, but HF ist still running


On my servers Page there aren’t any servers (Count is 0)
“There are no active servers. Background tasks will not be processed.”

#1130	XXXXXXX:30824:6800158B-9116-4DE5-BEC4-9CC2CC4F9B7A	 SyncPraxisJob.Execute	a 

The job was aborted – it is processed by server XXXXXXX:30824:6800158b-9116-4de5-bec4-9cc2cc4f9b7a which is not in the active servers list for now. It will be retried automatically after invisibility timeout, but you can also re-queue or delete it manually.

But on my processing page it ist shown successfull

Id	Job	Total Duration	Succeeded
#1130	abcdefghijklmn.Execute	20h 4m	a few seconds ago

This is confusing me.

Now I was looking deeper. This happened because of my 5 Minute Timeout and my debugging activities.
After 5 Minutes the RemoveTimedOutServers Method is called.

delete from [{0}].Server where LastHeartbeat < @timeOutAt

But the Server is still alive.
In the next Heartbeat call there is only an update statement:
update [{0}].Server set LastHeartbeat = @now where Id = @id",
but the server entry is gone :frowning:


i get this error too - ever find out what it was?


I am also getting same error


Hi guys, has anyone managed to trace why this is happening?

We have four environments: lab, dev, qa and prod. Until the last deploy everything was working fine and now all of a sudden I am getting a “There are no active servers. Background tasks will not be processed” error.

If I drop the Schedule database (which is in Mongo) and let Hangfire recreate it, it works fine on my lab environment, but the same does not work on DEV at all and even if I point my lab environment to dev with the exact same code, it still doesn’t work - the server collection is not created/populated at all as it is on my lab environment.

The frustrating thing is that this code wasn’t touched as part of the changes, so it makes no sense that it would just stop working.

I would really appreciate any help that you can provide… I’ve tried everything I can think of and i’m not having any luck. :frowning:


I am getting this as well. It seems to work fine for a while and then all of the sudden I lose the server. My tasks still show up as succeeded, however when they are processing it shows a warning about being aborted. I haven’t tested if they are actually running or not. I will next time it happens. My fix so far has been to manually recycle the application pool in IIS.


I am having the same issue. “No active servers found” message shown in the dashboard, and no entries present in the hangfire.server table. Recurring jobs are still running successfully.

Are there any developers looking at this forum? Is anybody working on the issue? If so, should I provide more information about the setup?