Is HangFire useful for SOA?

Hi Everybody

I want to know how good is HangFire for SOA? I used NServiceBus before, which is pretty fine but you need to stop windows based services before deploying new release. Here i am presenting a simple use case. can any one tell me either this is possible in Hangfire.

I want to use SQL Server for Storage and MSMQ for queuing.

When a user submit an order, i create an Order and a Notification Object. Now i want to put both object in Queue ( BackgroundJob.Enqueue stuff).

Now some Background Job Handler or BackgroundJobServer which is defined in a Service Project (probably WCF running on same machine in same IIS but in different AppPool) should read the messages from queue and send Order Object to storage and procurement service, where Notification object sent to Confirmation Mail sending service.

What i have seen in many examples, HangFire let us call a Method which should do all the logic.

 BackgroundJob.Enqueue<NotificationService>(x => x.SendEmail(comment));

Here Sendmail Method of NotificationService get comment Object and it should either store it or send email etc. Is it possible to enqueue the business objects which will be fetched later on from some service/handler or BackgroundJobServer?

Thanks in Advance