How to integrate Hangfire Source Code into existing Visual Studios Project?

I’d like to be able to step thru each Hangfire API, so I’ve downloaded a copy of the Hangfire Source code from Github. However, how do I integrate this code into an existing Visual Studios Project?

Why do you want to include the project to your source control instead of downloading packages through the NuGet or downloading binaries from GitHub Releases page?

Because I’d like to debug/single step thru HangFire API methods. I’ve successfully done so, and have a got a general idea. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download Hangfire Source Code
  2. Importing Hangfire Source Code to Existing Solution:
    a. In Existing Solution: Right Click on Solution “”
    b. Add > “Existing Project”
    c. Browse to root folder in Hangfire: “GitHub/Hangfire”
    d. Click on the File type drop-down menu and select: “Solution Files”
    e. Double-click “Hangfire.sln”
  3. Build your VS Solution
  4. Restoring Missing References from imported Hangfire Projects:
    a. Right-click on your Solution > Enable NuGet Package Restore.
    b. Build
    c. For any remaining “The type or namespace name ‘<>’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)”
    Install these Packages Manually
  5. Add Hangfire Source References to Existing Project:
    a. Open the drop-down menu in your existing project
    b. Right Click on “References” folder > “Add Reference…”
    c. From “Solution/ Projects”: Select all Hangfire Projects > Ok

You are able to step-into Hangfire source code without obtaining its source code as there are symbol packages. Please see this blog post, Debugging with Symbolsource topic.

The Link you had given me “Page Not Found”

You could easily find it by browsing the website. Anyway here you go:

@nirinchev, thanks for the hint. I’ve also added some redirects, so the original link should work either.