Hangfire.Pro, dotnetcore, visual studio code

We have a licensee for Hangfire Pro and use it in our app currently. I am looking at writing a console app with the new dotnetcore framework. Unfortunately I am stuck at the dependancies section. I have setup Nuget to look to the Hangfire feed and can successful add

"dependencies": {
    "Hangfire": "1.6.8",

This works fine and I get the intellisense for the versions etc. However when I go to add the Hangfire.Pro dependancy I get nothing. Is there something I am missing ? (clearly there is as I know it works for others)

Any help with this would be appreciated. I am using visual studio code to perform the coding.

Okay this is probably down to not connecting to the hangfire nuget feed. The Hangfire feed would be coming from the public nuget feed. I will look into that further. If anyone has any help on fixing this issue. I am using OSX, dotnetcore, visualstudio code.

Not sure what I did wrong here but this is now fixed. I put the nuget.config file at the root level of the project and all is working. I did retype the whole xml by hand again, perhaps their was an issue with the xml somewhere? I had copied the structure from a website. Anyway this is resolved.