The Type or Namespace <> could not be found with Hangfire Source Code?

I’m trying to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of Hangfire through its source code, so I’ve downloaded the Hangfire Github source code and imported the “Hangfire.sln” into my existing VS solution. This solution includes my “Hangfire.Highlighter” project that will be referencing the imported Hangfire methods (not thru the Hangfire NuGet package). I did a NuGet restore on my imported Hangfire folders and deleted the tests/ and samples/. However, I’m running into many “The Type or Namespace <> Could not be found error”. One of these is referring to Namespace “Dapper” in Hangfire.SqlServer. However I did a “Install-Package Dapper” within “Package Manager Console” with Default Project set to “Hangfire.SqlServer” it said

'Dapper 1.38' already installed.
Hangfire.SqlServer already has a reference to 'Dapper 1.38'.

Here’s my directory tree in my Solution Explorer and some errors shown after I attempted to built the project

Please show me all the references of Hangfire.SqlServer project with properties of Dapper reference (from solution explorer). Looks like the reference is broken.