"hangfire:succeeded" tab in redis server expired jobs key still stored

Hey there,

I’m facing an issue regarding the tab “hangfire:succeeded” from our redis storage of our hangfire.
It seems that this tab contains every expired succeeded jobs, with just the job’s ids, in order to be able to display the job id’s next to the label “Expired Job” in the Hangfire DashBoard UI
Pretty weird for us since it is totally unusefull, and btw using some space on our redis server, leading to 700k of nearly empty lines, with just the job id and no parameters, taking space for something we really have no uses
I currently search how to automatically get rid of this, or even delete the whole process of storing a line with just the job id to display it next to “Expired Job”

We currently used Redis 5.0.2 servers, but will update them soon
Nugget Package Hangfire.Pro version is 1.7.28
Nugget Package Hangfire.Pro.Redis version is 2.8.13
C# project using .Net 6.0

Thanks a lot for any help !