Succeeded Job Queue is not being cleared

My succeeded job queue is at almost 5 million. I set the JobExpirationTimeout to 4 days but I still have jobs from almost a year ago which are not being removed.

Is there some other property I should be looking at? The Deleted queue is being cleared out properly.

What is the best way to immediately remove the succeeded jobs? Can I just delete from the job table where the statename = ‘Succeeded’?

I am running the latest version of hang fire.

I’m having the same issue. My succeeded job queue is at 5 million. Why isn’t it clearing out? There is nothing I’ve done to customize this that I’m aware of. I’m using the Hangfire Pro with Redis.


me too,
how to clear it

Are these the numbers in the dashboard you are referring to? The numbers in the dashboard are just a counter value in the database, it doesn’t necessarily mean the data for the job is still in the database.