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Unable to see ALL the Succeeded Jobs

I am new to HangFire and I am trying to create multiple scheduled jobs and using Redis as JobStore. On the HangFire Dashboard in the Succeeded Jobs section always shows Total Jobs: 100 even though on the left side menu it shows the correct number(for example 200)

Is there any configuration that I can do in order to see ALL the succeeded jobs and not just 100?

The list of succeeded jobs, as well as cancelled jobs is limited by design. Otherwise the underlying data storage will grow up indefinitely. And I’m sure you don’t want to clear it manually. Think of succeeded jobs list as a thing you don’t want to check from time to time.

I can add maximum element count to a configuration option, so you would be able to increase it to a finite number.

Hi odinserj,
Please let me know from where this “maximum element count” setting can be configured.

Created the following GitHub issue, you can subscribe to it and receive automatic updates:

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