Hangfire and Serilog

Hi there,
I want Hangfire to use my custom SeriLog logger. ( we are planning to use subloggers)
I see the documentation but I don’t manage to get it working.

We are hosting Serilog in a Nancy Fx.

Can someone attach some snippet of code abouyt how t oconfigure Serilog ? or some hints…
I want for example that ithe logs uses a RollingFile sink,

It¡s possible to tell HangFire in some mode to use my custom instance of Logger ? I saw the configuration accepts a custom LogProvider , is that what I need to do? I am not sure, because I want Hangfire to use Serilog in my way (not in the automated mode)

                    new SqlServerStorageOptions
                        PrepareSchemaIfNecessary = false
                .UseActivator(new NancyHangFireActivator(container));

Many thanks.