Hangfire and EasyNetQ

Hey All,

New to this forum, so hopefully my questions aren’t too repetitive.

I work with product called EasyNetQ, which is a RabbitMQ type client with a lot of cool features.
EasyNetQ takes a lot of the complexity out of working with AMQP.
Currently, I am working with Net Core 2.

We have several discrete standalone “Consumers” or Subscribers of the RabbitMQ pipe which
process subscribed messages using EasyNetQ. Hangfire would be ideal for running these processes in the background.

Ideally, I would like to enqueue these “Consumers” in Hangfire and as the messages are processed update
a counter or metric in the Dashboard to assure the users that activity is actually occurring.

Is this possible, and if so can someone guide me in the right direction? I’ve looked through GitHub and the Namespace Documentation and it’s not jumped out at me yet.

Also, if anyone has implemented a pub/sub type application in Hangfire and has any useful patterns, that would be terrific!