Pub/Sub with Multiple Subscribers

Is there a way in Hangfire to do a Pub/Sub type setup where you might have multiple subscribers?

For example if a Message was called EntityUpdate, we might have 1 listener for DB Update and 1 for notifications. We currently do it with Webjobs and azure service bus. The web jobs dashboard is so awful and hang fire is so awesome. I am basically trying to retrofit that concept, so is this a good idea or should I stick with azure service bus and web jobs.

Hi, did you design and test a solution ? i’m interested by this concept. thanks

I never found a solution. I would like to revisit this but not sure how I would want to approach it.

I know this is a really old thread but the idea of this still comes up every now and then for me. I have started a very rough solution and hope to turn it into an official nuget package soon. But you can see it here:

I created a first pass at the nuget, it is kind of rough but it is a start and would love feedback