MSMQ message retrieval

Hi Guys,

I found out about Hangfire 1 month ago and i am using it already with pleasure for different kind of jobs! I’m now facing the following scenario:

My .net MVC application sends messages to the MSMQ and i have a seperate windows-service which handles the incoming messages. Work’s like a charm but i’m wondering if hangfire could replace my windows-service? Having a seperate windowsservice can be unhandy on shared environments (where i cannot maintain windows services).

I was thinking about creating a recurring job (Minutely) which then processes the msmq message’s. Messages are not send often (like 10 per hour). But is there still a possibility to handle msmq messages realtime using hangfire?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I think you should try to integrate Hangfire and track performance, stability of System. Integration process is quick and easy. I hope you can share your tracking data with everyone so we can move on together.