Feature request: read only dashboard

In our production environment we would like to allow access to the dashboard to the development group but our development group is not authorized to make production changes. So the ability to delete, re-queue or trigger jobs should not be available to them. Our operations people would need that level of access but the developers would benefit from access to the job history/failures.

I know there was a recent request to support some sort of roles that was rejected as out of scope for Hangfire but I think a read only version of the dashboard is a reasonable request. Perhaps it could be implemented as just a configuration for the dashboard and I could host both a read-only dashboard and a full dashboard with different authorization filters on each.



Having the same issue - we are flying blind until this is implemented.

This would be awesome for us.

We also have situation where Dev team can not make Production changes but still would like to access Dashboard when issue arises. Please consider.

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Any updates to this? The docs say this is possible and…

“To enable it, set the IsReadOnlyFunc property of the DashboardOptions”

Unfortunately, reviewing the source code this doesn’t appear to actually be a property of DashboardOptions. Any other way to do this? Possible to get the docs updated?

EDIT: Never mind…I see that this is a 1.7.0 feature. So to change my inquiry, is there a release date for that version? I’m hesitant to use beta code in my clients production app but they have requested this feature specifically.