Can't delete job from hangfire dashboard

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Hello guys

I’ve my Hangfire Dashboard Enable and I can see all the jobs that I’ve there schedule, running, failed etc, like it should be.

There is although one service that is schedule to run every night that i’m trying to delete, still I’m getting 403 all the time.

I don’t want to do this by code as I think it’s too much for such a small thing (well, I already did to remove it to not enqueue on startup anymore, but I think it won’t be enough as it is already scheduled), but also I don’t know other way around to do it, since I’m running hangfire on top of Redis.

When I was running on top of sql-server was easy :smiley:

Any suggestion?

Some help would be really appreciated. This is only happening on Production environments, on testing environments I can delete jobs using the dashboard