Do we still need to write custom TypeConverter for custom classes if using Hangfire 1.1+

The Are you methods ready to run in background article has following note

NOTE . Since Hangfire 1.1, the Json.NET package is used to serialize all the things, including custom classes. The information below is obsolete.

Arguments are also serialized to string, but arguments serialization process uses the TypeConverter class. All standard classes like numbers, strings, dates and so on already have the corresponding TypeConverter implementation, but if you want to pass an instance of a custom class as an argument, you should write the custom converter first.

// Does not work until you implement the custom TypeConverter.
BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => CheckArticle(new Article()));

What does this mean for the code example in that section? Does it mean we don’t need to implement a custom TypeConvert for the Article class?

Given that above line, I would guess, no.
I sure haven’t done it.