Separate serialization settings for Hangfire by default

The following PR introduced the ability to change the serialization settings:

Now I’m considering to use separate Json.NET settings for Hangfire by default. This will allow to change application-wide settings without touching Hangfire serialization at all. However, this feature should be done after ensuring this will not introduce breaking changes. So, I have two problems:

  1. What problems may arise when we are using the same serialization options for both Hangfire and the rest of application?
  2. Will the implementation of this feature introduce breaking changes?

Using same parameters, it’s not a problem for me.
The more important is that serialization and deserialization have same parameters
More, currently, Hangfire can work with default options.

However, this change is breaking changes if the old configuration of user isn’t same that new default configuration of Hangfire. But this problem can be resolve with a migration (deserialize with default option of and serialize with new option of hangfire)

I aggree with @fpellet.

Is there a target date for hangfire 2