Int array TypeConverter method parameter attribute problem

I have created my own int array TypeConverter (which is working just fine with Convert.ChangeType() ), but it does not work with Hangfire when used as method parameter attribute:

int[] intarray = new int[] { 1, 2, 3, 4 };
Hangfire.BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => TestJobIntArray(intarray));
public static void TestJobIntArray([TypeConverter(typeof(IntArrayConverter))] int[] intarray) {
  foreach (var i in intarray) {

And I think it should.

The only workaround I have found is create my own class derived from List<int>, and apply TypeConverterAttribute to this class. But that is very impractical solution. Am I doing something wrong, or method parameter attributes are not supported by Hangfire ?

PS: I have tried adding TypeConverterAttribute to a class property, but that didn’t work neither.

@dhlavaty, I’m solving your problems in advance :smile: This problem is solved in Hangfire 1.1.0 version, please see its release notes.

#all-four-thumbs-up” thank you