Developers Guide

Hey Guys,

I was looking to build the source code locally, so that I can understand the code base and if possible, contribute to some low hanging issues. Is there a developers guide that I can refer to that can help me build sources and gives some overview of the code base?


There isn’t a developers guide per se, but I’ve found that if you clone the source from Github, it will simply just build in Visual Studio without errors.

I also think that the source code is organised exceedingly well, and logically, so reading through it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

There are also a LOT (700+) unit tests, which give a really good indication of which classes do what, which I’ve quite helpful.

Finally, there are a couple of example projects which will come down when you clone the source code. One is a console project, one is an ASP.NET MVC website (the same ones mentioned in the main documentation), which again give a really good insight into how things work.

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Thanks, I was able to build the project locally without any issues.