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Dashboard page blank after upgrade to .net 6.0

Hangfire was integrated and worked fine with our asp.net core 5.0 app. In the process of upgrading to 6.0 and the dashboard is not appearing. The background jobs still appear to run fine but when navigating to the dashboard nothing shows. No HTML source, nothing.

Chrome shows the following on the Console tab in red but no other information.
X GET http://localhost:44393/hangfire 200 (OK) hangfire:1

The authorization method is being called (I stepped through that code and confirmed it was returning true). I also tried a different page with no auth and the same thing, page returns but no content.

Any idea how to fix?

EDIT: This is on Windows 11. The dashboard appears on a system running Windows 10.

We had the same issue, it’s due to Visual Studio hot reload features. We have disabled following and we can see the dashboard. It also works when you run app by yourself from console using dotnet YourApp.dll

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Thanks, changing that setting seems to have fixed it. I would have never guessed that would be the issue.

thanks my issue has been fixed.