Dashboard issue after version update

Hi all, in my .NET 4.6.1 application i update version of Hangfire to 1.7.27, but i leave database schema to 5.
All works fine, except that dashboard of Hangfire has now some bugs. No render of history data:

And i can’t re-enqueue or delete job from dashboard, nothing seems happens.
Another thing broken is “more details”, “less details” link, to expand/collapse job detail.

It seems like something is broken related to javascript?
Only dll related to Hangfire that i’ve updated are:
Hangfire.Core.dll 1.7.27
Hangfire.Dashboard.Authorization.dll 1.0.0 (not updated)
Hangfire.SqlServer.dll 1.7.27
HangFire.TinyIoC.dll 1.0.0 (not updated)

Have you any idea on how solve the problem or get more details to help me?

Resolved…it was related to version of Internet Explorer.