Dashboard in a Virtual Directory

I’m Using HangFire for Framework 4.0 and I can’t see my dashboard in the default URL: http:///hangfire
In my case: http:////hangfire because I installed it in that virtual directory in my hosting…

Anyway, my problem is that I can’t see the dashboard (show a blank page).
But the jobs are running! and I know that because when I run mi app locally in my PC, I can see the dashboard , I can see both servers running (my hosting server and local server) and its respective job running too…

I don’t know what to do…

All you need is to configure authorization. Will try to incorporate this note to a more prominent place.

By default Hangfire allows access to Dashboard pages only for local requests. In order to give appropriate rights for production users, install the following package:


Thanks for your answer.
I’m afraid I can’t install “Install-Package Hangfire.Dashboard.Authorization”. I get an error because I’m working on framework V 4.0

Not a problem – just create your own or copy the implementation from:

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