Hangfire dashboard virtual directory

we use hangfire (netcore) in a Kubernetes cluster.
On the top level (/) we have our webapp. In a directory underneath there is an app installed that makes use of hangfire. (/x/) The hangfire dashboard is configured at /x/hangfire.
In the hangfire app there is no UI, it is a basic webapi.
When accessing the dashboard it is rendered really ugly without any css. Looking into it, it seems that hangfire is trying to load in the layout page from the top level app.
Any thoughts how to evade this and have a normal looking hangfire

Note: apparantly the dashboard route used for the js is /js1234 instead of /X/js1234

The routing table in hangfire uses absolute rootpaths. As a result you can never use it in a virtual directory. Could you please change it to a relative path or take in consideration a prefix.
Now hangfire tries to look for its resources in a different app in the above directory for resources this app doesn’t contain