Hangfire dashboard behind Azure Application Gateway


I’m a long time hangfire user. In a new setup I try to setup a Hangfire dashboard behind an Azure Application Gateway. There is a path-based route (ex. /admin) which points to the Web Api application hosting the Hangfire dashboard.

The url of the hangfire dashboard is https://www.example.com/admin/hangfire.

The hangfire dashboard is configured like this:

    private void ConfigureHangfire(IAppBuilder app)
        // HangFire
        var hangFireConnectionString = ConnectionStringProvider.GetHangFireConnectionString();
        var hangFireOptions = new DashboardOptions
            AppPath = VirtualPathUtility.ToAbsolute("~/"),
            Authorization = new IDashboardAuthorizationFilter[] {new DashboardAuthorizationFilter()},                
        app.UseHangfireDashboard("/hangfire", hangFireOptions);

In this setup I can access the dashboard but all the *.css and *.js links in the dashboard it’s html page do not contain the correct route (= admin).

Does anyone has an idea how to fix this?

Kind regards,