Azure REDIS with Hangfire PRO

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Hi there !

We are using HangfirePRO with its Redis integration for our application.
In addition we are running on azure and making use of their redis support.

However we seem to have a problem, Azure Redis gives us a connection string in the form,ssl=true,password=xwyyYLWWpgDasdasALa+Q4PZ6O5/KFf9pr74tZ6K1r2onZ0=

Its a redis style connections string split into flags and a password.
Now there seems to be no way to pass in the additional information when constructing a RedisStorage, and if i pass the whole string in ( e.g StackExchange.Redis supports that ) the parser throws a fit, and can’t read the information…

So my question is: How can i connect to this ?

Fixed it, i reflectored my way through the interned servicestack client library and now parse and reconstruct an appropriate connection string for hangfire.

I have used Hangfire with SQL server, where setup and usage is super simple, is this the same with Redis?
I haven’t used Redis but would like to setup Redis on Azure then connect using Hangfire, is the setup and usage the same?
Is there anything specific to be aware of with Redis apart from cost?

The original issue was related to the previous version of Hangfire.Pro.Redis 1.X, and it was based on ServiceStack.Redis library that couldn’t parse connection strings from the Azure Dashboard.

Now Hangfire.Pro.Redis is based on StackExchange.Redis, and is fully compatible with Azure’s connection strings.

Regarding the configuration, ensure you are using the noeviction option for the “maxmemory-policy” as written in the docs (timeout setting was needed only for the previous version).

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@odinserj : Thanks :+1: