Migrate from Hangire using SQL Storage to Hangfire.Pro Redis Cache

We have just upgrade from Hangfire to Hangfire Pro in order to use the Redis cache features, using Azure Redis Cache, and created a resource in Azure.

Is it as simple as changing the Global Config command to change from SQL to Redis ?


At the moment, when our ASP.NET Application loads, we can see the dashboard working ok, and see the conenction string to redis at the bottom of the dashboard, but when we create jobs, we are never seeing anything change in the dashboard like previously.

Also the executing code that would previously be run as a job is created, is never reached - so i think the jobs are not being saved into the redis cache if i may be mistaken.

Is there any guidance for migrating and changing these from one to the other, are there any other required steps that could possibly be needed ?

I have uninstalled the NuGet Hangfire Package,
and Installed
Hangfire.Pro 2.2.1
Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.5.5
Hangfire.Dashboard.Authorization 3
Hangfire.Core 1.79
Hangfire.Ninject 1.20

Thank you.