Hangfire on Redis Cluster

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We’re currently using Hangfire Pro on Redis right now, and it seems to be working quite well.

We have one issues we need to handle for fault tolerance and that’s being able to connect to a Redis cluster.

Our Redis cluster is set up with a master and read-only slave for failover. When the master goes down, the slave takes over and everything seems to be working. The app itself is connecting to Redis using the standard StackExchange libraries and that failover is working just fine. With Hangfire using an internal copy of those libraries, it does not yet support the cluster connection string (Server1, Server2 comma separated list).

Are there any plans to update the internal libraries to support the new connection strings? If not, we can look into writing the custom storage provider that is recommended in another topic.

Thank you,
Gary Klesczewski

I’d like to second this. We also use hangfire pro with redis and it would be great if we could connect to a redis cluster now that it is supported with version 3 of redis.