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Aws rds usage with IAM database authentication - RDS can be Postgresql and/or Mysql

We are using the Hangfire Pro library and intent to use one of the two options for JobStorage
a) RDS (either postgresql or mysql engine) - lets assume postgresql
b) AWS Elaticache Redis

NOTE: This topic is to discuss the first option “a”, for “b” I will open another topic later.

We use IAM database authentication to get the auth token (expires after 15min) to connect to DB.
Reference for RDS IAM database authentication:

We intent to use “Hangfire.PostgreSql” nuget package for this -

My questions

Q1) Is this “Hangfire.PostgreSql” supported by hangfire support team or its supported via open source community
Q2) How does Hangfire handle token expiry in its connection pool. I know that when the pool is established it has a valid auth token to create connections in that pool but since the token is temporary and expires every 15minutes what happens if for some reason the connections in the pool start failing and the ConnectionPool has to create new connections or something along those lines. How do we control passing a new auth token to the pool?
Q3) We have a paid subscription with Hangfire - is using this forum the way to get such questions answered or there is a separate channel for paid subscribers?

NOTE: I understand that the connections themselves can stay longer than 15 minutes once created initially, I am looking for what to do under some exception conditions where in the code needs to create new connections using a new auth token since the one used initially has expired after 15min

Yes, Hangfire.PostgreSql​ package is a completely community-based one and its repository on GitHub is GitHub - frankhommers/Hangfire.PostgreSql: PostgreSql Storage Provider for Hangfire (unless you are using another fork). We don’t support Hangfire.PostgreSql officially because don’t know the storage nuances required to build a reliable storage. Officially supported storages are listed on the Pricing page – Pricing — Hangfire (Hangfire.SqlServer, Hangfire.InMemory and Hangfire.Pro.Redis).

The answer completely depends on the storage implementation. For example Hangfire.SqlServer uses connection pooling available in the ADO.NET implementation, Hangfire.Pro.Redis uses a single multiplexed connection and sends LUA scripts to execute the commands and interact with distributed locks. But unfortunately I don’t know what’s used in Hangfire.PostgreSql.​

Yes, separate channel should be used for paid subscriptions, just email to support [at]​ hangfire.io. It’s backed by HelpDesk to track all the tickets.