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AWS Elasticache redis cluster with authentication - Hangfire Pro does not seem to accept un/pwd

We are using Hangfire pro and AWS Elasticache redis cluster for storage

Our AWS Elasticache redis cluster is protected with authentication. When we try to use the StackExchange Redis configuration link below to pass username and password.

Hangfire complains that its unable to understand “user”

The hangfire code snippet is listed below

“HangfireConnection”: “aws_cluster_endpoint_primary:6379,ssl=true,user=XX,password=YY”

we pass the above connection string to GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.UseRedisStorage(…);

I also checked Hangfire’s documentation and its muted on how to pass username/password except in one location

[Using Redis — Hangfire Documentation](https://hangfire redis)

There you mention

.UseRedisStorage(“password@localhost:6379”, 0);

But do not mention how to use user name with this connection string approach – can you help?

Both user and username keywords are supported, but please ensure you are using one of the latest versions (2.8.16 is recommended), because username/password support was added only in Hangfire.Pro.Redis 2.7.6, and please also ensure you are using Hangfire.Pro.Redis package, not Hangfire.Pro.Redis.SEv2. If you still have any issues connecting to AWS Redis, please tell me the exact exception/error you see, preferably with stack trace.

​So the following configuration string should be working just fine: