Attaching Pro and Ace feeds to Artifactory

We recently bought Hangfire Pro/Ace and wanted to set it up where users didn’t need to login to your ProGet feed with the user/pass provided so we decided to try adding the feeds to our internal Artifactory NuGet repo as remote feeds. Unfortunately, we can’t figure out the correct settings to use and wondered if others have had this issue before and how we need to set it up. Our Artifactory version is 6.3.2 and here are the settings we are using. The Advanced tab in that image is where you put in the credentials which when we test them in artifactory return a success.

Please try to configure the NuGet Download Context Path as shown in the following screenshot:

Thanks, we will give that a try.

No such luck. Your artifactory screen looks different from ours as far as where elements are placed, I wonder if its just a bug in the version we are running that got fixed in a later release or something. :man_shrugging:

Hm, please try also to do the following things, sorry – I didn’t see the difference during the first response:

  1. Set URL* to (near with the Test button)
  2. Set NuGet DOwnload Context Path * to package
  3. Set NuGet Feed Context Path to empty
  4. Set NuGet v3 Feed URL to