404 Not Found - Subdomain Install

Why is it that:

  1. /localhost/hangfire - OK
  2. /hangfire - OK (Production)
  3. /subdomain/hangfire - NOT OK (Production)

The #3 above is not working when I deploy in production and place my MVC / Web API mixed application in a subdomain like maindomain.com/api/hangfire but works OK with the maindomain.com/hangfire.

Am I missing something here?


Looks like the problem is that api path is being handled solely by WebApi. Can you show me your WebApi configuration logic?

You are correct about the configuration, it seems i missed something related to the handlers in the web.config.

It is all working great and much more faster than our internal messaging before.

Glad to hear it works faster! I’m curious what have you added to the web.config file.