404 error after publishing - Does HangFire require .NET 4.5, perhaps?

I have HangFire working on my LOCALHOST and just published it to my online dev server. It’s processing jobs correctly (so far just email delivery) but I can’t access the /hangfire URL once I publish the site to the internet.

All works fine on LOCALHOST, but not on the web. Could this be because my IIS is only serving up .NET 4.0 and not 4.5, or is there something else I need to look into? Again…the jobs ARE running - I just can’t get to the dashboard.

I don’t see any httpModules or anything like that for other services I run (such as ELMAH), so I’m not sure where to look.



If you look at the 1.0 Release you will see that they added a requirement for 4.5

Thanks. That’s what I thought it might be… .and I can do that!