Hangfire does not process jobs when deployed in IIS 7.5

Hi, I am having a strange problem.

I have a very simple MVC5 app with Hangfire installed.

Originally I was running it with VS2013 debug with “IIS Express”, and everything was working fine.
When I switched to “Local IIS” and launched the app, the queued jobs are no longer processed and stay in Queue.
In the dashboard all jobs stay in Queue forever.
I am assuming that Background server is for some reason not firing the Run job?
Could someone please let me know the possible reasons why Hangfire does not process queued jobs when deployed IIS?

I am using VS2013, MVC5, Hangfire 1.2.0 and IIS7.5.


Hi, just found the fix… I had an <identity impersonation="true" ... /> entry in web.config.
After removed this tag, the app started working fine.

I’m still not sure why this causes Hangfire not to process any queued jobs all of a sudden…

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