IIS:asp.net MVC5 private msmq remote queues; jobs never process, are enqueued and can delete

Hello, new to hangfire.

Using asp.net MVC5, .net 4.6.1. Running from Visual Studio 2015, have NOT tried in production under real IIS yet.

Jobs enqueued on remote private queue never get processed. Can enqueue jobs, and delete jobs, but they never get processed.

Jobs enqueued to local private queue are processed, can use local name format and can use remote name format for local queues and it works.

No errors in Elmah log.

When I change it to a remote queue, the dashboard works, jobs are enqueued and can delete jobs but jobs are never processed.

I changed permissions on queue to give permission to everyone. Removed check mark on ‘disable unauthenticated access’

I have only tried this from within Visual Studio. Is there a difference running this from within visual studio versus running in production in IIS under asp.net mvc?

Should this work?

What should I try next?

Thanks in advance