What Is everyone using for hosting (small scale)?

I have dozens of Hangfire instances running at my 9-to-5 work, some as Windows services, some embedded within IIS Web Applications (always running apppool). But my company has it’s own servers to host all of this.

My own hobby app has Hangfire, embedded it in an IIS Web Application. My problem is where can I get cheap US hosting that will allow hangfire to run 24/7? Need to be able to set the apppool to Always Running, right? What hosting packages do people here use successfully?

How about using .NET Core, Docker with Linux containers and deploying to AWS ECS with Fargate? Should cost pennies.

Keep the dashboard and servers separate, that way you can scale up your servers as needs be. Add in a t3.micro Redis for the database.

You can develop this using docker compose and push to staging/production easily enough.