What happens after website restart

I just installed Hangfire to fire and forget a single long running task as soon as my web site starts. I am playing around with it using IIS Express via the visual studio 2013 debugger.

I can see the task getting queued and then moved to the Processing list in the dashboard when the site is started, but I am confused about what happens when I forcefully stop the website and restart it. The job that was processed before the restart still appears in the ‘Processing’ list, and the newly started job is also added.

  1. What does it mean that the first job is still being processed? Surely once I stopped the website, the executable code was terminated. What does Hangfire do with that job when the site is restarted? Does it just re-execute the enqueued expression?

  2. I want only a single job to run. Do I need to do some sort of cleanup when my site starts to clear jobs that were started in a subsequent launch of the website?


Did you ever solve this?