Using server and jobs codeon different computer than client

I read and search and I don’t find any answer about this.
I explain my problem. I have one solution with a MVC client, and 2 projects with the own server (only lunch) and a project with the jobs code. That run perfectly and I cand execute without problem because the MVC lunch job using “jobs classes” and are in the same project. I use only one queue and one server, with recurring jobs, but I need other scenario:

I have one computer with (I understand so) the server and jobs code, and other computer on other site with a aspnet webform client, so I can connect with the running server (using the sqlconnection string), but I can’t throw jobs because I have not the classes of the jobs…

I read this:

but my question is: Is there possible to use my scenario without use the same classes? Can I develop an easy class like interface?

Thank you very much and sorry for my english level.

Put the definitions in one assembly:

public interface IBackgroundJob { void DoWork(int EntityId); }

Put the implementation in another assembly:

public class BackgroundJob : IBackgroundJob { public void DoWork(int EntityId){ /*TODO code that does work here */ } }

Then use an IoC lib like Ninject to resolve BackgroundJob as the implementation of IBackgroundJob: