2 Recurring Job in diferent projects and servers

Hi guys, is it possible to do 2 different jobs (different class and methods) to register in a hangfire database to run each one on a different server?

Follow my scenario.
Server A knows only the FOOJob class.
Server B knows only the BAHJob class.

When uploading the 2 servers on the same PostgreSQL base

Server A that knows the FOOJob class tries to run the BAHJob job and I get an assembly not found

I am using RecurringJob.AddOrUpdate to register jobs and providing a correct queue name for each server

please help :slight_smile:

No it is currently not possible at all. This is thanks to some 4 year old bugs relating to recurring jobs not handling queues correctly.

For discussion, see: Single Dashboard, Single Physical Server, Multiple Jobs/Projects/Codebases. Advice or Examples?
For bug information, see: https://github.com/HangfireIO/Hangfire/issues/595

Only solution is to have your servers have access to all codebases.