Using seconds in cron expression for reoccurring job

I am using
Hangfire.AspNetCore 1.8.6
Hangfire.Redis.StackExchange 1.9.0"

I have an event that comes in and I create a reoccurring job for it based on some information. That looks like this

Cron expression looks like this

$“*/{qualificationDateTime.Second} {qualificationDateTime.Minute} * * * *”

_recurringJobManager.AddOrUpdate(jobId, j => j.Execute(null, domain, loanIdentifier, qualificationDateTime), cronExpression, jobOptions);

In the dashboard everything looks good.

When I look at the reoccurring job in redis for the next execution time, I get 1697815800000 which is 11:30.00 based on the cron I would expect it to be 11:30.48.

Is there something going on here? Can I not make a job fire off on the second? I don’t care if it’s slightly late but I can’t have it early because of time calculations for the downstream service that would be notified.

I could arbitrarily add a minute to the cron expression but if it supports seconds, I would muchrather do that?

It seems the issue was using */x in the seconds section. If I just use the second there next execution time seems to as expected.