Recurrent job executes on app service restart/next execution time change


I must be doing something wrong and trying to understand what exactly.

So I have a simple recurrent job updated on startup (ASP .NET Core hosted on Azure) in the following way:

recurringJobManager.AddOrUpdate(Id, Job.FromExpression<IDispatcherService>(s => s.RunAsync()), cronExpression, DateTimeHelper.MoscowTimeZoneInfo);

The cronExpression is normally Cron.Daily(16, 30); but sometimes I change it to another time and deploy the project. Immediately after startup the job gets executed and it doesn’t update the NextExecution field so I have to manually disable Hangfire to avoid double execution.

I’ve just tried to update the NextExecution field manually by setting a point in future and had the job immediately executed as well.

What am I doing wrong? I only want the job to be executed at a specific point in time rather than being affected by site deployment/startup/updating Cron expression etc.

Thanks in advance.

Looks very much like . Has it ever been fixed?