Next Execution = Nothing

So odd question away I’m using the following code to create a Hangfire job:

Public Function createRecurringJob(ByVal jobName As String, ByVal formatId As String, ByVal siteId As String, ByVal hour As String, ByVal minute As String)
    RecurringJob.AddOrUpdate(jobName, Function() runAutomated(formatId, siteId), String.Format("{0} {1} * * *", minute, hour), TimeZoneInfo.Utc)

    Return Nothing
End Function

Which seems to create the job just fine, for example if I give it a time of 10:25 it creates it with the CRON string:

25 10 * * *

However when I then check it it says that the Next Execution Time is nothing and nothing is what happens, anyone know where I’m going wrong I’ve been tearing my hair out over this one

Is your server up? If you have 0 running servers it will say N/A