Succeeded Job Count mismatch

I recently upgraded to 1.4.3 in order to take advantage of the job cleanup feature that cleans up old job data so as to not bloat my sql server db.

I am seeing a job count mis-match reported for my Succeeded Jobs. The summary one on the left shows 40,433 but then on the right it shows only 1,519. I’m hoping that the 1,519 is correct and that the other ~38,000 suceeded jobs were cleaned up, but maybe a counter file needs to be updated to reflect the 1,519 instead of the 40,433?

I believe this is done on purpose, the counter on the left shows the total number of succeeded jobs run for all time, so that you have an idea of the overall usage. Whereas when you drill down to the list it only shows the jobs that haven’t been cleaned out of the database, that you can still view details on. I believe that is only the last 24 hours worth of succeeded jobs.