Scheduled / Delayed tasks with multiple instances of Hangfire


How can we set a task to be executed on a specific server ? Here’s my problem:

I have an ASP.NET MVC application, wich runs compiled on my local computer ( with it’s own hangfire instance. Sometimes, I run this application in debug mode in VS2015, which runs on http://localhost:xxx.

They share the same database, so even if there are 2 hangfire servers online, the task is executed randomly on one or another (depending on which take the job). The problem is, that alongside this job task, I have a signalR connection to the instance of the application that have enqueued the job (compiled or debug application) that display a progress with the evolution of that task and this connection is also randomly dispatched to one or the other application too. And you can imagine that this progress is randomly showed on the compiled app or the “debug” app…

That’s why I’m asking if there was a possibility to specify a server instance for a specific job.

Thanks a lot.