Multiple apps on same server using different databases

Hi, were using Hangfire successfully with a production application running on our web server (almost 20 million jobs so far with 0 failures). Hangfire is configured to use one machine using BackgroundJobServerOptions (the web server the application resides on).

I want to add Hangfire to a second application running on the same web server, but in a different app pool and I plan to point it to a separate SQL database. I want to configure Hangfire to use that same machine for its servers. Will this work?

I don’t see any reason that wouldn’t work - they’re separate applications, so they’ll run in different processes. We have probably 8 different applications all running Hangfire on the same server pointed at separate redis prefixes (or redis databases) on the same server and haven’t had any hiccups.

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Yep, it will, @bweber is right. Moreover, since 1.5.0, you can use different schema name in the same SQL Server database.

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Great, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!