"run as" job scheduling possible?

I am currently evaluating Hangfire, but have a question that I can’t find an answer in the documentation or the forum. There is a similar question related to windows authentication, which does not seem to have an answer, poten. 'cause there is no answer?
What I plan to do is to schedule multiple (some) re-occurring jobs through Hangfire. Currently I do this with the windows task scheduler. The challenge I see is that whilst I run each job with a different windows user ID (I need to do that, as that ID is required to authenticate on remote services), I would need to have that “run as” in Hangfire as well, so simple question, is that possible? And immediate second question, if a job is scheduled, does it survive a later password change on windows and still trigger the job?
thx Jan

Hangfire itself doesn’t support that, but you can easily create a filter that would perform impersonation before a job starts, and undo it on completion.